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40180: Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit

Heavy duty kit with audible tone easily identifies wires or cables Features: Insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors Tests include wire trace, continuity test, clear/busy/ringing line test and tip/ring identification Alligator cli ...

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CT100: Network Cable Tester

Continuity Tester for twisted pair cables and F Type coaxial cables Features: Tests for shorts, opens, miswires and reversals Tests EIA/TIA568A and 568B and 10Base-T Shield detection tests shield integrity Tests installed wiring and jumper cables ...

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CT40: Cable Identifier/Tester Kit

Transmitter/Receiver enables one person to remotely identify up to 16 wires Features: Troubleshoot electrical/electronic circuits and identify up to 16 local or installed lines MultiMeter functions include: AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Diod ...

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TG30: Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit

Trace communciations and coaxial cables Features: Non-Contact probe audibly identifies selected wire or cable Easily trace wires from source to termination Adjustable sensitivity control improves wire identification and eliminates false detection C ...

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